Knowledge for Mutual Benefit

EMERG was founded in 2012 by one of Europe’s leading networks of researchers and policy makers on the Middle East. We are a politically unaffiliated non-profit association registered in Sweden.

We welcome individuals working with the MENA region to join our association. Within our 'activities' section please find a post about EMERG Membership and/or please contact us via the "To inquire about EMERG Membership" button at the bottom left of this page.


Introducing EMERG

Established as a network of researchers focusing predominantly on Iran, the work of our not-for-profit has expanded significantly across the region over the past few years.

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Report : Voter Behaviour and Political Mobilization in Iran

By: Kevan Harris and Daniel TavanaBeginning on December 28, 2017, Iranian citizens assembled across the country, expressing long-simmering demands for political, social, and economic change.

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Report on EU-Iran relations

As commissioned by the European Parliament, EMERG has produced a report on a potential strategic relationship between the European Union and Iran.

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Seminar : A new chapter for Iran?

[MAY 3rd 2016, Stockholm] The European Middle East Research Group  in cooperation with Folk och Försvar invites you to a seminar on Iranian domestic politics and foreign policy.

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Social Class in Iran

In May 2015, EMERG and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University hosted a workshop on social class in Iran.

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Panel Discussion at Lund University

In May 2015, EMERG hosted a panel discussion at Lund University.

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